7 Slimming Style Rules All Women Need to Know


Image: Oxford Instagram

We all want to look our best in our clothes, but what if you feel as though you have a few extra kilos to hide? Everybody has their off days, but instead of jumping into an unrealistic crash diet, we have learned some clever styling tricks to help you accentuate your best features and detract from those that you might feel less positive about. We’re going to show you how you can create the illusion of a slimmed down figure, simply by the way you dress. So without further ado, here’s our top 7 slimming style rules that will help you achieve your goal and make you look as though you’ve slimmed down overnight!

1. Wear monochromatic clothes

While most people think that wearing all black will make you look slimmer, black can make some people look washed out and ill. However, dressing in one colour from head to foot has the same effect, by adding length to your overall appearance to make you look leaner. For hot summer months, try dressing in white from head to foot. Not only will you look slimmer, but you’ll look and feel cooler too. If you do choose to wear white, you may want to consider using thicker more structured fabrics, especially for trousers. You don’t want them to be so see-through that they cling to your body and reveal your underwear.

2. Try a v-neck

Reduce your cleavage and create an hourglass figure with a v-neck. V-necks draw attention away from a large bust and give the illusion of a thinner jaw and neck too, plus the upside-down triangle shape draws the eye down to your waist – the thinnest part of your body. A v-necked maxi dress combines all the positive benefits of the neckline and lengthens the body. Choose either a column style dress that doesn’t cling but skims over your figure without adding any extra bulk, or a belted dress that will draw the eye to your waist and give you a curvaceous silhouette.

3. Belt it

Your waist is generally the thinnest part of your body, so draw attention to it with a narrow belt. This will define your shape and encourage the eye to focus on this area. Even if you’ve not been blessed with a naturally slim waist, wearing a thin belt will help to create the impression of an hourglass figure.

4. Long layers

Wearing a long cardigan or jacket will streamline and elongate your figure, especially if you wear a monochromatic outfit underneath. If the weather is too warm for cardigans and jackets, throw on a sleeveless vest to create the same effect. The extra layer will skim over any lumps and bumps you’d rather not have on show.

5. Swap skinny jeans for a bootcut

Do you always wear skinny jeans? Ditch them in favour of the high waisted bootcut or flared variety, preferably in a dark denim or black. These will not only make your legs look slimmer and longer but will keep any hint of a muffin top under control too. Want to add extra length to your legs? Team your bootcut jeans with high heeled shoes and make sure that the hems are almost touching the floor.

6. The 50s flare

Looking to hide yours hips or thighs? Try a flared 50s style skirt. It will draw attention to the narrowest part of your body, your waist, but skim over the parts you want to conceal. Whether you decide to match your skirt with strappy heels or cute sneakers, the 50s flare will help you achieve the flirty and feminine look.

7. Take advantage of shapewear

Gone are the days of unsightly corsets and girdles as worn by women in the 1950s. Today’s shapewear can be sleek and thin, yet still have the ability to hold in all those wobbly bits; so try streamlining your figure with appropriate shapewear. With so many styles to choose from, from all in one ‘slips’ to the infamous Spanx, it’s easy to beat the battle of the bulge. One extra bonus? You’ll automatically find that your posture improves when you’re wearing shapewear!

Always remember that before you adopt any of these rules, you should ensure that your clothes fit you properly. While you may be under the impression that baggy clothes will detract from any bumps and lumps, they simply make you look as though you have something to hide. Choose clothes that fit you well, and that skim over your body, rather than being too tight or too voluminous.

So there you have it, our 7 top slimming style rules to help you play up your assets and play down those you may not feel so great about. Remember, it’s all about wearing your clothes with confidence!