Layering Tips to Help You Survive Winter in Style

Oxford - Layering Tips to Help You Survive Winter in Style

When the thick of winter hits, many women would prefer to feel the cold rather than layer up, for fear of appearing bulkier or bigger than they actually are. We’re here to tell you that it’s in fact the opposite – a perfectly layered outfit can complement your curves, add proportion, and allow you to show off your winter style.

So how do you get the most from layering? Well, you mix it up. You create lots of different formulas for lots of different occasions to keep your outfits fresh and interesting.

There’s no need to sacrifice your style to the elements – follow these tips and layering formulas to keep stylishly warm this winter, without sporting the silhouette of a snowman.

1. Keep the underlayers sleek

A pair of cigarette style jeans or stretch pants paired with a tight-fitting long sleeve top will give you a slimming underlayer to start with that shouldn’t add extra weight to your outfit. For those especially chilly days, skivvy-style turtlenecks are a must to keep you toasty on top, without adding any extra padding.

2. Get the jacket right

In lieu of a chunky parka jacket, opt for a stylish, belted waistcoat to streamline your look. If you’re after a more casual aesthetic, a leather jacket is a timeless investment that adds sophistication and edge to any outfit.

3. Mix textures

When layering multiple garments it’s important to wear a blend of fabrics and textures. If you dress in too many of the same materials, you run the risk of appearing heavy and frumpish, as it’s difficult to see when one garment begins and another ends.

4. Pay attention to length

Understanding the length of your garments and how they work together is important for avoiding a bulky layered look. For example, if you wear a long sleeve top, chunky knit and a leather jacket that are all the same length, you may appear wider on top than you really are. It’s best to keep your outermost layer longest, to streamline your entire look. However, this is reversed if you opt for a cropped jacket, in which case you should keep your inner layers longer.

Layering formulas to get you through winter

Layering can come down to simple arithmetic. Here are 7 fashion equations to inspire your winter wardrobe.

1. Sweater dress + raincoat + leggings = Rainy day

Take a simple sweater or knit dress in a block colour and hide a pair of leggings underneath to keep you warm from the inside. Finish with a bold raincoat for a pop of practical colour, perfect for a rainy day.

2. Turtleneck + dress + chunky belt = Night-time look

There’s no rule saying you must put all your sleeveless dresses away during winter. Instead, you should invest in a great turtleneck or funnel neck jumper. The dress might be unseasonable, but throw a jumper over the top and cinch it all in with a belt, and you’ve got the perfect party outfit for those chilly winter nights.

3. Button-up blouse + jumper + pants = Chilly office days

When you know the office is going to be freezing, extra layers are just what you need. A button-up collared blouse worn underneath a cute knit, paired with some black pants is the perfect preppy-style office outfit.

4. Stretch pants + t-shirt + faux fur jacket = City chic

A fur jacket over a t-shirt and stretch pants might not seem all that fancy, but drape the jacket over your shoulders and it somehow transforms your entire look. Throw some heels into the mix and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

5. Crop + bomber jacket + jeans = Rock chick glam

Bomber jackets are just about sleek enough to wear indoors, but they’re also warm enough to withstand the outdoor elements. Just bear in mind that little crop tops don’t go well with cold weather, so if you’re looking for a sassy alternative, opt for a cropped sweater instead.

6. Leather skirt + blouse + coat = Day to night look

A leather skirt is a versatile piece that will see you through winter after winter. Worn with a cute blouse and a classic trench or woollen coat, you create an effortless look that can take you from the office straight to the bar.

7. Turtleneck + funky skirt + cocoon coat = Night at the theatre

Take a metallic pleated skirt for a bit of night-time glamour and add a plain grey turtleneck. Top with a faux fur vest (if you’re feeling especially daring) and belt the separates to pull together. Finish with an enveloping cocoon or wrap coat and you’ve got yourself an eclectic, night-time look.

Time to layer up

So there you have it, our top layering tips and formulas to keep you feeling toasty and looking stylish for the rest of winter. Layering can make fashion fun if you let it, so get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with your outfits when the chill hits.