The Top 17 Australian Fashion Bloggers to Follow

The Top 17 Australian Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Do you love fashion and want to know who to follow for the best style inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Fashion bloggers have taken the world by storm, and some of the most stylish influencers are our fellow Aussies.

Every blogger has something that makes them stand out from the rest; whether it’s their unique style, their luxurious travels, or the helpful fashion tips they offer. From looking chic and classy to simple yet sophisticated, these bloggers can show you how to dress with style on any day of the week. So, without further ado, here are the top 17 Australian fashion bloggers to follow for your daily dose of style inspiration.

1. Amanda Shadforth


Amanda’s blog, Oracle Fox, is one of the most successful fashion websites in Australia, filled with beautifully curated content that covers everything from creative campaigns, models and street style to travel, interiors and Amanda’s own personal outfit inspo. Her readers love her beachy-chic aesthetic and sleek approach to fashion. You’ll find plenty of statement styles such as knotted shirts and duster vests that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe.

2. Ashley Richardson


Ashley was born in Melbourne and created her blog, This is Ashley Rose, as a way to show women how to translate runway trends to suit curves. Her blog showcases her exceptional style and teaches other plus-size women how to dress fashionably and confidently. Ashley is an expert at turning simple pieces into statement outfits. This is Ashley Rose has become one of Australia’s premier fashion blogs for curvy women.

3. Carmen Hamilton


How to’s, wish lists, shopping inspo and tips and tricks from the fashion experts – Chronicles of Herby Carmen Hamilton boasts some seriously impressive content. It functions as an edgy fashion blog that provides daily style inspiration from ‘real girls’ that can be translated into real life.

Carmen’s style is grungy-chic done to perfection – she’ll show you how to amp up casual clothes, style loose layers, and subtly (yet stylishly) show off your bra. Although you’ll be green with envy, you’ll leave feeling totally inspired.

4. Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton


Elle and Tash are the fashion duo behind They All Hate Us, and together they hold some seriously impressive fashion credentials. They All Hate Us is the ultimate collection of what’s trending in the world of fashion, the must-have pieces and everything the ‘it’ crowd are wearing. If you love Elle and Tash’s style, look out for their monthly edit of the 10 pieces they loves as they become available for purchase on the site.

5. Hass Murad


Hass’s fashion style is part Sydney street style, part high fashion, and his portfolio of work with world renowned labels is extensive (Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior and Hugo Boss, to name a few). He also offers fashion and lifestyle tips, making it easy for men to follow in his footsteps. Check out his website Sydney Men’s Style for all things men’s style, including fashion tips, grooming and tutorials.

6. Jessica Stein


Jessica’s online presence began in 2010 with her site Tuula Vintage, which was originally designed to be a space for her friends and family to follow her travels. It soon became clear that Jessica had a seriously enviable sense of style and so her readership grew, and nowadays Jessica is one of the world’s most influential fashion bloggers. Her blog is all about travelling in style, and Jessica gives her followers the best travel and outfit inspiration out there.

7. Kate Waterhouse


Kate’s not only a journalist, media personality and a television presenter, she’s also a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Kate certainly knows a thing or two about fashion, and her site Kate Waterhouse is filled with style, beauty and lifestyle tips, as well as advice on how to wear and shop her style.

8. Lex Mak


Lex is a creative director, architect graduate, and men’s fashion and lifestyle curator. With his dapper style of dress in suits, shirts, ties and leather shoes, he’s the epitome of class. Lex lives by his personal motto “Dress well. Drink well. Live well” and he inspires his readers to do just that through his site Mr. Gumbratron.

9. Margaret Zhang


Margaret is a seasoned photographer, writer, stylist, model, and creator of the blog Shine by Three. Margaret’s creative direction and photography has been employed by the likes of L’Officiel and Harper’s BAZAAR, and she’s worked alongside global brands including Swarovski, Clinique and Louis Vuitton in a range of creative consulting capacities. She’s everywhere in style and delivers the most incredible imagery.

10. Micah Gianneli


With a background in fashion design, Micah Gianneli began her career in fashion as a freelance stylist before starting her own blog – Micah Gianneliin 2011 to document her own style. Micah combines street and luxe wear, and she certainly knows how to add an edgy touch to every outfit.

11. Miles Wharton


Miles is your modern gentleman. Having moved from England to Australia in 2010, Miles saw a need to sharpen up the way Australian men dress. He has since started his own made to measure suiting business, The Bespoke Corner, as well as his own site, Men’s Fashion Blogger. You’ll rarely see him wearing anything other than a stylish suit, including double-breasted blazers and pinstriped grey numbers.

12. Nadia Fairfax


After attending the Australian Institute of Sport for 8 years, Nadia traded in her gymnastics leotard for the world of fashion. With a solid social following and a successful editorial site of her own, this former gymnast is not your average fashion blogger.

Nadia has worked alongside some of the best designers in Australia, including Camilla and Marc and Bec & Bridge. She has since developed the Fairfax Journal through which she showcases her iconic style to women nationwide.

13. Natasha Oakley


Natasha is a true Aussie golden girl and the quintessential beach babe, with her flowing blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. She’s a star on Instagram and the co-creator of A Bikini A Day, where she shares envious beachside escapes with her followers. She’s also the designer of Monday Swimwear and Monday Activewear. For summer style inspiration, follow her on A Bikini A Day.

14. Nicole Warne


Nicole is one of the most recognisable fashion bloggers in Australia and one of the world’s leading digital influencers. Her blog is read by a global audience in the millions, and her fashion, travel and lifestyle advice is some of the best you can find online. For ideas on how to give your look a sweet yet sexy feminine twist, visit her site Gary Pepper Girl.

15. Sara Donaldson


Sara is the embodiment of effortless minimalism. Every post on her popular fashion and beauty blog is carefully curated and styled in strict monochrome. She also has a chic fashion style with a palette of black, white and denim. For ideas on how to wear all-black outfits without looking mundane, follow Sara at Harper & Harley.

16. Talisa Sutton


As a creative director and graphic designer, Talisa’s blog is a visual delight to scroll through. She’s also a stylist, with a fresh, minimal take on fashion. To find out how to wear neutrals with classic and detailed pieces so they don’t look boring, follow Talisa at Badlands.

17. Zanita Whittington


With her keen eye for style and creative expertise, Zanita has produced some of the most original editorials in the fashion blogger industry. Having worked alongside household names in fashion such as Vogue, Elle, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton, Zanita is regularly credited as both Photographer and Model. For flawless model-off-duty styling, join her at Zanita.

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